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09/16/16 11:42 AM #178    

Rick Davis

I well remember the Disney movie with Chris Jury, but am now hearing for the first time about John's movie debut. Didn't realize I could access it all these years later, but certainly will make an effort to do so. It would be great to se it again, and keep my eyes open for John's contribution! Ofcourse I too remember the Mojave incident-we really were disturbed at that event. Can't recall if we ever retaliated in any way, other than whipping the snot out of the Mustangs at sporting events.

I have several Halloween stories I could share but guessing my partners in crime might not appreciate the revelation at this stage of the game. Suffice to say, property damage was generally involved, and we were never found out. I'm still to this day a little concerned when Halloween shows up, fearful of the pay back that would prove the notion ,what goes around comes around.

The one event that afected me in a huge way was the death of Coach Williams, and his service in our gym. At the time it was my first real hurtful death experience and I think of it to this day.

On my next post I'll recall some happy times and memories-there are many indeed and I still think of Tehachapi as home. Until then you all be good.


09/22/16 07:17 PM #179    


Manuel Avila

I too remember the movie but did not ever know about John and his role in it until now.  I would have thought towns people would have mentioned John as well as Chris being in the movie because it would have been very noteworthy in our small town, expecically in the 60's!

It would have been easy to change the "T" to "M" in the old days without anyone seeing it because it was so far out of town and Hwy 58 was not built yet.  Now the city limits incorporates the "T" and there are homes out there.  Progress!

John, I do not remember the stats sheet, too long ago.  To be truthful, I did not keep up with the stats until the end of the season so I could tell the Coaches they should have let me carry the ball more.  I wanted to score more so Marvin's Mom would make me her fabulous rolls!

I agree with Rick about Coach Williams.  He was a good person.  I still see Coach Carll and Mrs. Carll every few months when I can catch them at home. To me they have not changed much over the years.

I am leaving tomorrow for my month in the mountains so you will not hear from me until the end of Oct.  You all take care of yourselves.


10/19/16 01:32 PM #180    

John Davies

I wonder how Manuel is doing in his trek into the versus mountain??!!!  Who will win?  Rick, I remember the chess matches with Mr. O'Donnell.  Unfortunately I have not picked up a chess piece in twenty years, so I know I can't compete with you Big Guys!!  Do you remember when Mr. O'Donnell set up a program with the Tehachapi prison where he would periodically bring a group of chess players who would compete with some of the non-violent inmates?  It was a nice gesture on his part to help those guys prepare for transition back into successful members of society.   We were fortunate to have a lot of good people in our lives who were committed to helping us prepare for the future.....many of them parents of the students of the class of 70!!!

I guess we are in for exciting times the next three weeks, huh??  Donald versus Hillary!!!!  I will withhold all comments because no matter what I say, it will get me in trouble with someone!!!  Glad football season is in full swing again.....go Gators!!!  (I won't mention the Buccaneers!).  I hope everyone is doing well....getting ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas and then another year will become history!!!  My best salutes (and toasts) go to all the great people of the class of 70!!!!..........John


10/22/16 10:55 AM #181    

Rick Davis

Unfortunately  am hearing about the chess activity with the inmates for the first time and must say,  am sorry to hear about it now as I would have been all over that. I carry a roll up vinyl mat and men in my vehicle in hopes of stirring up a game now and again. I'm an addict about chess, even though I don't seem to improve much! Couldn't agree more on the importance of this years election results, but in the end still feel a bit fatalistic about the outcome-the universe is unfolding as it should. We are bracing for an above average snowfall up here in the Pacific Northwest, not something I look forward to, but it helps me to eagerly welcome the coming of spring! Everyone be good, safe and happy!


10/26/16 09:10 AM #182    


Manuel Avila

Well, I am back from the mountains for another year. This year the mountain left it's mark again on this old body with sore muscles and aching joints. Oh, forgot, I get those while in the safety of my own home! Before I forget, Happy BDay to Sheila McTyre (Williams), late on this one, and Susan Gilliland (Close). I tipped a few in the mountains to celebrate. Nothing like Mother Nature for a drinking companion.

I never participated in chess like you cerebral types. I did think it was an interesting game though. It has to be good for the mind because it makes you think and plan moves, Much better than mindlessly watching TV with the overcompensated actors and athletes and the programs they are on, but I do it anyway. I do enjoy reading as a pastime. I received my free library card because of my age and use it as much as possible. I will get into an author and read all the books available from him or her. If the Tehachapi Library does not have a book, I can order it from another library and have it delivered to the Tehachapi Branch. I love modern technology! Except for smart phones. I will keep my flip phone until they no longer produce them on this earth.

Keep in touch, Manuel

11/14/16 06:54 AM #183    

John Davies

Manuel, once again you have conquered the mountains, returning to civilization victoriously....congrats man!!  Some of us poor schlubs (is that a word??), well mainly me, are still trying to get enough cookies in the cookie jar to retire and be able to do the kinds of things you and many other classmates are already doing every day!!!  You mentioned the it still in the same building as it was when we were kids?  I remember walking with the class in elementary school to the library once every week or two.  I remember Mrs. Eisenman was the head librarian, and her husband Walt would eventually played chess with some of us when we were in junior high school.  And of course, Rick learned a lot more about the intricacies of chess than I did, which is why he can compete with the "big dogs" of today!!  I am relegated to watching Wheel of Fortune every night and occasionally I find a good category on Jeopardy, but usually I am overmatched on that show!  I am really showing how old I am, but the business block down the street on the opposite side from the library had a thrift "dime" store, the old post office, Yeager's Department Store, and Squires Drug Store (before Dave Edmiston's Dad took over it).  And then heading further north, there was Rudy's Clip Joint across the street from the Beekay Theater.  I remember going in there one day to get a haricut when I was a freshman.  In there were Tim Sanders and Bob Cote.  It was during basketball season.  Tim and Bob were local athletic celebrities to me, and I was in awe of them and was thrilled to sit with them.  Fred Patterson and of course Rudy Avila were the two barbers.  They were both available at the same time, so Tim asked Rudy to cut his hair, since the last time Rudy had cut his hair, Tim went on to have three consecutive basketball games where he scored more than 25 points each game.  Athletes are the most superstitious people in the world.  This was our excuse for not washing gym socks for a week (occasionally two!) because we had two hits in the last baseball game while wearing them, and could not take a chance by washing out the good luck in them!!  Well anyway, so much for those gross details, huh???.......

I suppose I could go on babbling all day, so for now I'll close and wish happy birthday to our latest group of class celebrities...many of us will be toasting your success and long lives.  Thanks to everyone for being the great people you are....John


11/30/16 09:16 AM #184    


Manuel Avila

 The end of the month is here and it is time to celebrate the two BDays of the month of which I am aware. We have Debbie White (Taylor) and my old neighbor Marvin Williams. Hope your BDays found the both of you in a celebratory mood! John, the old downtown has changed. The buildings are still there but the businesses have changed. The Library has moved to Tehachapi Blvd. on the west end of town. It is two shops away from a bar which it makes it convenient for me to check out a book and maybe celebrate a BDay!. Did you know people of our advanced mental capacity can get a library card for free?! Helps since I am living on a fixed income subject to cost of living raises. Rudy's Clip Joint, brings back many memories. Do any you you remember the hair oil my Dad sold in the shop? It was red and green and very oily. The shop used to be the gathering place for the senior men in town to gather and discuss past, current and future events. Then they would move to the bench on the corner of Green and the main drag to watch the traffic going through town. Now we have several restaurants from which to choose to gather and have coffee. At least that is what I am told by the current senior members in town. Living in Golden Hills, I do not get into town proper much. The new people who moved here, because they liked the small town feel, are very determined to update the entire area with new businesses, functions and events to draw people here to spend money. Makes me feel old. I am done rambling for now so you all take care.  Manuel

12/02/16 07:47 PM #185    

Marvin Williams

Thanks for the Birthday shout out Manuel, we were in Bakersfield for Thanksgiving with The kids and grandkids, had a very nice birthday with a grandkids made birthday cake. I was in Tehachapi for about 15 minutes the day after Thanksgiving to pick up dad and Lori and haul them down to San Pedro cruise ship terminal.

I have upgraded my birthday celebration libation from beer to Fireball & Rumchatta shots, not quite as filling and more ban for the buck!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

12/21/16 11:54 AM #186    

John Davies

Well I guess another year is just about in the books!  I just want to say "Merry Christmas" to the class of '70 and congratulations on completing another year on this planet.  Hey, let's do it again next year!!!  Thanks to everyone who posted comments this year.....hopefully we will see more participants in the future to keep us entertained and reminded of how great we WERE in the olden days, huh???!!  Thanks to everyone for the memories and bits of wisdom and good times and a few birthday toasts along the way, too!!  We can't forget those, right Manuel??....and Marvin??!!  It is difficult for me to imagine we are all knocking on the 65-year door.  How the heck did that happen??  I still remember Coach Dorrington yelling at me in the 7th grade PE class....and that was over 50 years ago.  Wow!!!  Well anyway, please have a Happy New Year and be well....John


01/03/17 10:05 AM #187    


Manuel Avila

You might have thought you were rid of my comments since I posted nothing for Dec. Maybe you thought old age with arthritis had laid claim to my bony joints. Well, you were half right. Old age has laid claim but arthritis is only slowly taking claim of this "seasoned" temple" I refer to as my body. Another interpretation could be of a Mayan Temple ruin. At least we are both still around if somewhat weathered.

Now to the meat of this message: Happy BDay to Mary Herrera (Burns) for last month as well as Dae Lantz. Had to use Egg Nog since it was the CHRISTmas Season. We should now be known as the Class of 65! If you know what I mean. I hope the Season went well with all able to gather with family members and bring up fond memories of Family and Friends who have passed before us. The New Year will come with trials and tribulations but I know we will have the strength to make it through the year. We made it this far didn't we?!

Happy New Year to all.

02/14/17 09:58 AM #188    

John Davies

I let time slip away from me and haven't logged into the website for awhile.  But under no circumstances have I missed the opportunity to use an adult beverage to toast those who have added a year to their resume!!  And, not to forget to mention Happy Valentine's Day to all the Ladies in the class of '70, whom are forever in all of our hearts!!  I was kind of hoping the Falcons would win the Super Bowl, but apparently that didn't quite happen....getting ready for baseball season....pitchers and catchers are ready to report to spring training....go Rays!!  I hope everyone has been doing well in the New Year and all the resolutions are still being put into practice.  My gosh we are halfway through February already.  Not much of a winter in central nioght in the upper 30' frost.  I hope Tehachapi has been tolerable this winter.  It would be great to hear from the class of '70 "chaps" and "chapettes" (is that a word?!!).  Take care everyone....John


03/01/17 09:06 AM #189    


Manuel Avila

The time has come to toast the BDay Classmates of the month and coming month, since I was notified via email. Happy BDay to Jim Wright, Peggy Melton (Selby), DeAnna Gassaway (Brooks) and Debbie Mungia (Knowles). Hope you have all received your Medicare information. I know I have. I wonder how they know I am at the right age to contact. I do know the programs I watch during the day has all kinds of information for Senior Citizens from Medicare to long term insurance to burial insurance to asbestos injury/death compensation. Maybe because I watch programs from the 60's, statistics show only old people watch them. Magic!

Good to hear from John. The rest of you feel free to jump in and let us know how you are doing. Hope all are doing well.  Manuel

03/02/17 06:40 PM #190    

Kathy Bermudez (Forcum)

Hi everyone, wishing the first ones to turn 65 a Happy Birthday. Think about the good old days often, where did they go. Hope everyone is doing well, love you all. Manuel and John, keep us going.

03/20/17 11:41 AM #191    

John Davies

A salute for the class of '70 is required this year.

A great group of people still running in high gear!

Ahhh yes, these kids of today have got nothing on us.

They ride their motorized skateboards, we ride the bus!


It wasn't so long ago we Tehachapi-ites were together in school;

The Beatles and Stones and Gilligan were all pretty cool!

We looked forward to hearing what Mr. Ed had to say.

Life was good -- seems like it was only yesterday.


Now "bad" means good, and "rad" means really good.

"Text me" means to type on your cell if you could or would.

"Google it" means to tell your phone something you're looking for.

It searches "data banks", giving you all the facts, and more!


Our car "dings" us if the seatbelts aren't on.

It tells us the gas tank is low, and how many miles we've gone.

It will park itself if we tell it to,

And it opens the garage door better than we could do.


TV now has six-hundred-forty channels to watch.

The remote control is so complicated -- one more thing to botch!

Then daylight saving time shows up, going one hour ahead.

Seventeen clocks in the house to change, before you go to bed!


Surely, we 70's gang are not like dinosaurs.

We helped build this world and open so many doors.

Our minds are as active and sharp as ever.

We AIN'T GOT old -- not gonna happen-- no, no, never!!


Now that everyone has been cheered up just a little??

Hopefully we keep the car in one lane, right down the middle.

But one thing's for sure --keep the iced champagne on hold.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all -- we surely don't seem 65 years old!!!!


Cheers and thanks to a great class of '70 and remembering all who were there!!!  You're all the best!!!!!!!....John




01/01/18 06:42 AM #192    

John Davies

Manuel.....we all love your input and "End of Year" assessment.....keep 'em coming!!!!  Now that the new year has arrived, I keep thinking about when we were still in high school we had the phrase "70 Rules"....still has a nice ring to it!!!!  Now it's 2018, and I am thinking that "18 Rules" just doesn't have the same ring to it....whaddaya think??  Actually "18 rules" sounds more like a list of stuff my wife created to keep me in line!!  Anyway, I wish a Happy New Year to everyone and thanks for being the great people you are!  I still get a smile on my face when I think back on all the things we all did during our school days.....all in good fun, of course!!  Take care all, and have a great 2018!!!....John


02/21/18 07:21 AM #193    

John Davies

OK, where is everyone??  I see some birthdays have come through.....Jim and Debbie and probably others.  Manuel, you are the birthday wish me reason to salute good people with my usual mug of cervesa.  Hope everyone is OK and enjoying the winter olympics.  I like the outdoor events.  I used to bobsled down the mountains in the Mountain Park in the winter when I was a kid.  I'm pretty sure I still hold the record for most trees crashed into!!!  Here we are almost 1/6 of the way through 2018....where does the time go??  Good health and happy times to everyone....drop a line to us old folk when you all have a chance.  Take care.....John

02/27/18 08:22 AM #194    


Manuel Avila

Here is the monthly BDay wish. Hope John did not suffer too much waiting for this. I try to wait until the end of the month so get everyone in. Happy BDay to Jim Wright, Peggy Melton (Selby) and Debbie Knowles (Mungia). Tip your favorite libation in honor of the BDay "kids." Hope Peggy is doing well with the stormy weather in her part of the country. We have had a couple days of light snow here in Tehachapi but it will only be good to help the weeds grow come Spring. I noted Lois Barrios updated her Profile. Jump in anytime to make comments in the Forum, Lois. Hope you are all doing well. Manuel

04/01/18 09:52 AM #195    


Manuel Avila

We have quite a few BDay's to celebrate for the month of March. John, it is good we celebrate with one libation for the month of BDays or else the last couple of BDays might get lost in an alcoholic haze! Anyway, Happy BDay to DeAnna Gassaway (Brooks), Dave Edmiston. Sally Warfield, Shirley McCain (Nelson), John Marin and Kathy Bermudez (Forcum). I snuck Kathy in early from April because she is an old neighbor from Acacia Ct. And I do not mean SHE is old. A toast to all you friends and classmates.  Manuel

04/29/18 09:42 AM #196    


Manuel Avila

It is not the end of the month but I had nothing to do this morning so I thought I would get the BDay salutations for the month in. Actually I have nothing to do most any morning! I did work in the snack bar at the old little league field yesterday for my granddaughter's team. There are now five ball fields in that area that had only two in the "old" days so it was busy with the kids and parents fueling before and after games. I worked so hard I went home and took a nap, as opposed to being at home all day and taking a nap. Let me get back to my salutations to the BDay kids, Susan Willard (Whitten/McPhee) and Janette Sanders (Ashworth). This drink is for you. Janette actually lived across the street on Acacia Court when the Avila's first moved into Tehachapi. A lot of kids in that neighborhood! All done rambling. I think I will go take a nap.   Manuel

04/30/18 05:22 AM #197    

John Davies

Manuel, you are up bright and early today with your must be like me and wake up really early, then never go back to sleep!!!  They say it is an old-age thing, but I don't know what that would have to do with US!!!  Thanks for your continued monthly birthday wishes for all.  Yes, I also remember those ball fields when there were only two.  So now there are!!  I think Janette's Dad was instrumental in building the big field.  Thank you for your service in the snack bar!!!  Hopefully the corn was popped to perfection!!  It looks like another winter is in the books...time to plant the cantaloupes and tomatoes!!  I hope all is well with everyone in the class of '70.  Someone please chime in every now and then with a remembrance of the old days or a piece of medical advice for these days!!  Take care everyone....John


05/01/18 04:25 PM #198    

Frank Bachara

Hello class of 70, I was wondering if we had a time and a place for the next class BBQ.I've had several people ask if I had heard anything yet. Hope it warms up soon and you all have a great summer. God Bless!



05/06/18 09:58 PM #199    


Roger Longcrier


Just a shout out to see who is interested in a “just because party” this year. We discussed having it the same weekend as the old timers picnic which is Sunday, August 5th this year. Frank mentioned he had some inquiries regarding getting together again. Let’s get the word out to determine if there is enough interest to move forward.  Deb and I can host again if that works. Look forward to hearing back from everyone.


05/07/18 11:21 AM #200    

Carolyn Kirkendoll (Johnson)

Hi All


Sound like a good idea a "just cause we want to party"...keep us all posted would love to attend


Carolyn Kirkendoll Johnson

05/16/18 11:39 AM #201    


Roger Longcrier

I’ve heard back from several folks and the “just because party “ is a go!!! As Rick said last year, “better small than not at all”.  The reunion committee is meeting tomorrow and invitations should go out next week. Reach out and spread the word as not everyone checks the website. Look forward to seeing everyone.


05/21/18 11:12 AM #202    

Carolyn Kirkendoll (Johnson)


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