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09/02/18 10:39 AM #210    

Rick Davis

I attempted a response to the news about Mr. O'Donnell weeks ago, but as is often the case my electronic abilities are weak at best. After reading Manuel's post I thought the "post response" option might not provide any resistance-we shall see. Mr. O was without question the best and favorite teacher in my life. He taught us so much, up to and including discipline! I could not count the field trips and memories associated with this man who dedicated his life to his students. I was deeply affected at the news and at this point think of it as one of the most devastating memories of my life. Among other things he introduced me to chess and to this day remain obsessed with mastering the depth of the game. Thanks Mr. O for all you did and all the memories.

09/13/18 03:12 PM #211    

John Davies

Thinking back about O'Donnell stories, it seems that everyone would be able to tell at least one.  I recall him as the lone teacher in my life, who operated on the "demerit system", highlighting our failure to conduct ourselves properly.  Our conduct grade in 7th grade was based on his tally of demerits during the grading period.  I can still hear his voice saying "John, that will be two demerits for...........!"  Those words got my attention quickly.  Probably others in the class remember those same words.  Rick, you and I and many others could probably write a book about all our experiences with Mr. O'Donnell.  I am grateful for the time spent with him, and the knowledge and wisdom he passed along to all of us.  I remember signing someone's yearbook in 7th grade, and next to Mr. O'Donnell's picture someone wrote:  "2 good 2 be 4 gotten" true!!  We were all so fortunate to have had so many great teachers along the way.  Thanks for the memories........John



11/02/18 08:51 AM #212    


Manuel Avila

I am a little late with the BDay congratulations. My excuse is that I was in the mountains for the month for my annual trip. We need to raise a toast to Sheila McTyre (Williams) and to Susan Gilliland (Close). Here is to many more! I have nothing to report at this time. Some or most of you probably are thinking I usually never have anything to report! Take care, Manuel

11/03/18 08:35 AM #213    


Tom Thompson

Well, Manuel, I think you have inspired family (Bob and Fern, Linda, Bobby and Tommy first came to Tehachapi when I was in the middle of kindergarden. There was no room in the school so I never went to kindergarden. First and Second grade was spent at Monolith because we lived in the Ashe tract. We had bought a house there because my dad knew Sam and Esther Ashe. They live in the one house that had wood siding. During that time, i got to know a lot of kids, the Tilleys, Meltons, Arys, Mccains, Foxes, Allreds and many others. I remember the heavy snows and being able to walk over our backyard fence. My Mom worked at Trustees and I would occasionally walk across the airport property to visit her when she was working. We moved to Novato for Third and half of Fourth grade. When we returned, i was put in Mr Krafts class. Sat next to Deanna Gassaway and behind Jeannie Anderson (had a crush on her). I remember going to the park with my parents and Mr Kraft to discuss my “Left Handedness” and whether or not to try and change me. It was decided not to, and here I am, still left handed in a right handed world. We left again after 6th grade, but we kept coming back to visit friends. Our other home was Inyokern, where my Great Grandfather started this little town. Still go to Tehachapi occasionally. 2 years ago, my sister, Linda was buried there in the eastside cemetary and now my Mom is there also. Tehachapi meant a lot to our entire family. Between fourth, fifth and sixth graye i remember, tom Booth, Manuel, Roger, Patty and many others. We played and all had fun. What a time in our lives. Sixth grade came was also memorable. Check the pics I posted 8 years ago. Those guys had to be friends. They lived in a cabin together for a week!


11/27/18 06:55 AM #214    

John Davies

Manuel, as always, thanks for the birthday updates, and welcome back to (un)civilization once again.  And thanks to Tom for the memories of so many people from yesteryear.  55 years ago we all vividly remember the JFK event.  I remember Mrs. Reiswig from the front office in elementary school came and called Mr. Rogers (my 6th grade teacher) out into the hall and informed him of the event.  He came back into the class room and wrote on the blackboard about what had happened.  It almost seems like it was yesterday.  And the bowling alley was built in Tehachapi that same first game was 78 or something like that....probably the same score I would get if I bowled nowadays!!!  Jim Wright and Dee Fitzjerrell were great bowlers as I recall.  Does anyone remember Judy Barras, the secretary in the front office when we were in high school?  She could type like 160 words per minute, and later became a Tehachapi historian and author.  And Dr. Troy was our hometown medical expert.  And Wayne Warner (Barbara's husband, Cheryl Humpert's Dad, Bob's uncle) had the neighborhood kids convinced he would build a boat and take them all on a cruise to China.  And Bill Mantoth's jeep was named "Old Yeller".  And Yolanda and Janette and Susan were great instrumentalists.  And Paul Moore's little red car had a top speed of 28 mph??!!  And Larry Morphis could hit a baseball, like 800 feet!!!  And Dave Edmiston and Steve Helms began their motorcycle-riding careers that continue to this day!  And Rick Davis continues to be a world-class chess player.  Well, there would be a story about every '70 classmate.....but unlike them I have gotten old and can only remember old stuff.....and I need my morning nap to allow my last 6 good brain cells to recover from the trip down "prehistoric lane".  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and are ready for Christmas and the New Year.  Please take care and be healthy.....John 

12/01/18 09:28 AM #215    


Manuel Avila

Time for the BDay salutations for the last month. Happy BDay to Debbie White (Taylor) and to my former neighbor Marvin Williams. I am confidant Marvin has tipped a few in celebration. I also want to make comment on the reminiscing memories made by Tom Thompson and Big John Davies, Excellent! I would like to add that Larry Morphis could also throw a ball 300 feet. I saw him do it on a dare at the football field. Keep the memories rolling in from any of you classmates.

12/02/18 10:36 AM #216    

Marvin Williams

Thanks for the Birthday shout out Manuel, as for hoisting a few libations I am on the injured reserve list. I had open heart triple bypass surgery on Nov 1st, all went well and I'm recovering nicely, it's just going to take awhile to get back all my strength and stamina. There is a lesson for all of us from this. I had zero chest pains, my previous EKG and echo cardiograms had all been normal on my yearly cardiologist visits. I was extremely tired with zero energy and couldn't make it through the day without a nap. My boys and wife ganged up on me and begged me to let them take me to the ER, I finally agreed with the comment of "if this what it takes for you to get off my back I'll go, but it's a waste of time." Long story short, get admitted, have an angiogram and find out there is an 80% blockage in the left main artery and 70% blockage in 2 other arteries, open heart surgery the next day. Listen to your body, don't be stubborn.


Hope everyone has a great Christmas with family and friends.

01/01/19 09:10 AM #217    


Manuel Avila

Happy New Year to all of you! At this stage of our lives I am more prone to shout Happy New Day! We should have had a class in school or some mentor in our early lives, translate to younger age, to instruct us on how to enjoy each day. To teach us to concentrate on trying to spread joy and optimism. OK, I am done with my sermon.  Marvin, glad you are doing well and listened to your body and family in getting checked out. In the old days, again younger age, we were able to work through the aches and pains and moved on. Those aches and pains have accumulated over the years so we now have to take notice. Right John? Take care of yourself my friend.  Now, a Happy BDay to classmates Mary Herrera (Burns) and Dae Lantz with many more to come. Manuel

01/02/19 07:10 PM #218    

Rick Davis

Happy New Year indeed!

Finally retired & can't wait to meet up again! Everyone be good.

01/03/19 02:02 PM #219    

John Davies

Another year on this planet has been completed by us!!!!!  Congratulations to everyone!!!  Marvin, glad to hear you are on the mend......just another bump in the road, huh???!!  Rick, congratulations on your retirement....lots of good things will come your way....have fun!!  Manuel, thanks again for the birthday acknowledgements and for making the subsequent celebrations possible!!!  At our age, imbibing is only for celebratory or medicinal purposes, right??  Don't tell Doc, OK!  Thanks for the entire class of '70 keeping us all company, knowing everyone is there (even though some have remained silent!!!).  Please feel free to drop in a note every now and then, especially if something is happening, or if you have medical advice for some of us "medical lab experiments" as we attempt to successfully "slog" our way through each day.                                    Just a short quick story....Beth Anthony, Firechief Tony Anthony's wife, made me a hand-crafted ceramic chess set for Christmas 1970.  They were like second parents to me.  She had torn strips of newspaper from the Bakersfield Californian newspaper and hand-wrapped each of the 32 chessmen.  I had opened the gift in 1970 and unwrapped the newspaper scrap from a couple of the chessmen.  Then I closed the box.  Somehow I never opened it up for all these years until last month.  The chessmen were all in mint condition,  But the amazing thing was the newspaper scraps all still had little snippets of articles from Dec 24, 1970.  I pieced them together and taped them together, recreating several pages of the newspaper.  My wife then laminated each page.  I have had so much fun reading that newspaper.....everything from Nixon, Ann Landers, several famous op-ed columnists, no-smoking ads being banned, etc., to a summary of the December Holiday basketball tournament with Desert beating out Trona and Mojave and Rosamond and several other DIL teams....still recognized some of the player's names on those teams!!!  It brought back many great memories....including all the 1970 classmates from Tehachapi.  I'll never forget anyone from our class!!  Happy New Year to all!!  (Sorry this was long....I am old and can't control myself these days!!)

01/04/19 10:18 AM #220    

Rick Davis

No need to apologize John-word is out -we all love your posts! Let's all have a great year -until next we meet-be good.,

03/01/19 09:27 AM #221    


Manuel Avila

It is the beginning of March but I had no BDay's to celebrate for Jan. John took up the slack with his informative post. Here are the BDay's for Feb. Jim Wright, Peggy Melton (Selby) and Debbie Munguia (Knowles). A toast to them all with many more to come.

03/14/19 01:15 PM #222    

John Davies

it's good to hear of birthday wishes from Manuel for the month of February.  I don't even want to think about all of us getting into the 67 club!!  I had a dream a week or two ago about being in 3rd grade....Mrs. McElrath's class at the old Catholic school on Mill Street.  There was a kid in the class named Gary Chauncey.  He was born with only one leg.  He had a wooden leg (truly made of wood in those days!).  But he could do or attempted to do everything all the other kids did.  He ran races, played tetherball (big in those days), caught and threw footballs, etc.  He had a great attitude and did not think of himself as being handicapped.  As I think back about it, he was a great role model for all of us.  He moved away after 3rd grade and we lost track of him.  I hope he has lived a full and happy life, still living and enjoying all that comes his way.  It just reminds me of how lucky and blessed we all have been to know some really awesome people in our lives.......including ALL the people in the class of '70!!!!  Does anyone remember Gary....or any other person who we crossed paths with during our lives that had an impact in our life??  Anyway, another episode of me wandering back in time.  It's good because I can't remember what I did yesterday.....funny how the mind works (or doesn't work!)!!  I hope everyone is well and enjoying life.  Marvin, how about a health update.....Rick, how's retirement?  Please everyone chime in and entertain or educate us about all the good stuff we might be missing.  Take care all!!!

03/15/19 01:56 PM #223    

Frank Bachara

Was at my sister Teri's funeral yesterday and was telling my wife Michelle about going to school; 3rd grade, there. I thought maybe they were still using it cause I saw a group of kids going to the hall where the bathrooms are. Lots of old memories there and that was before the new church.

As far as Gary, I remember the name but that's about it. One of the big things there was racing the clouds across the field. Anybody else have some memories of that school?

By the way, thank you all for the prayers for Teri and for you who were able to make it to the funeral.

God Bless you all and hope to see you soon.

03/20/19 11:49 AM #224    

John Davies

Frank, sorry to hear of Teri's passing.  I think she was a year behind us in school.  I remember her as quiet and kind.  I'm sure she made her mark on this world.  God Bless her and prayers to your entire family.....John

04/02/19 09:59 AM #225    


Manuel Avila

I am a tad late but it is time again for classmate BDay salutations. A toast to DeAnnaGassaway (Brooks), Dave Edmiston, John Marin and Sally Warfield. I will also add upcoming salutations to Shirley McCain (Nelson) and Frank Bachara. Hope this email finds you all in good health and fine spirits. I add my condolences to Frank and his Family for the passing of Teri. Like John, I have fond memories of her. Till next time, you all be good and take care of yourselves.  Manuel

04/02/19 02:44 PM #226    

Debbie Munguia (Knowles)

Hello Everyone!  I hope all is well and you're all in good health.  Marvin, I hope you're on the mend and doing well.

I finally posted the pictures from our "Just Because" Party...sorry it took so long to get around to it.  Life threw me a bit of a curve ball. The day after our party, my mother who was 96 years old and in a nursing home was taken to the ER and passed away two weeks later.  After dealing with funeral arrangements, my brother, sister and I had the daunting task of cleaning out her house with 60 plus years of "stuff" to go through.  Our goal was to have the house cleaned out by the 1st week in November and on the market before Thanksgiving.  We met our goal after hiring a lady who has an Estate Sale business.  We put the house on the market the week before Thanksgiving and it closed escrow 6 weeks later.  Now I have to figure out where to put the stuff I brought home from her house.  Dan and I finally emptied out the boxes in the garage from our move, now I've added more.  I'll get to it someday. 

I hope to see all of you at our 50th reunion next year!  Can't believe it's been 50 years!  We can't be that old...crying 


05/02/19 10:19 AM #227    


Manuel Avila

Happy BDay to Susan Willard (Whitton/McPhee), Janette Sanders (Ashworth) and Kathy Bermudez (Forcum). May they have many more. John, be sure you are sitting down when you imbibe the libations, would not want you to fail down with the sudden influx of alcohol! Janette and Kathy are old neighbors from the Acacia Court neighborhood when the Avila Family first moved into Tehachapi. I say first because Dad moved the family away our Junior year of high school and moved back later. We lived in a total of five houses in Tehachapi, twice on Acacia Court. Dad sure liked to move. Everybody take care.  Manuel

05/16/19 07:00 AM #228    

John Davies

Thanks for the pictures Debbie....they are great....reminds me of some other "kids" I know!!!  And thanks Manuel for staying on top of BD' are like a finely-tuned machine, man!!!  It gives me reason to have a celebratory beer (or two), which also helps to wash down all those prescription pills!  I don't know if I need the pills, but someone has to pay so the doctors can make their Mercedes payments!!!!  It's hard to believe summer is almost here again....reminds me of the olden days finishing up another school year.  I still remember Mrs. Spacke, my fourth grade teacher.  She always carried a yard stick with her when we went to PE or recess outside.  She would get everyone lined up for a foot race and at the count of three she would yell "Go!" and hit the end of her yard stick on the ground, sometimes breaking the stick.  Her yard sticks always had repair tape on them!!  She was a great teacher, one of the best!!  Why do I remember old stuff like this, but sometimes can't remember what day it is???  Well anyway, I hope everyone is doing well.....take care.  I look forward to hearing some old memories from the rest of the gang.....John


05/24/19 05:24 AM #229    

John Davies

Time marches on.  Doris Day's passing last week reminds me of 7th grade.  The LA Lakers had given tickets to Tehachapi Junior High School basketball teams in 1965.  Several coaches offered to drive us to the Sports Arena in Los Angeles to watch the game between the Lakers and Chicago Bulls.  Mr. O'Donnell was one of the drivers.  While the game was being played, Mr. O pointed out a lady sitting near the Laker players' bench.  He said "That is Doris Day.  She comes to all the Laker home games."  Being the out-of-touch person I was back then (and still am to this day!), I asked "Who is Doris Day?"  Everyone proceeded to tell me she was a famous actress, etc., etc.  When we got back home after the game, I immediately did an internet search......oh wait a minute, the internet hadn't been invented yet!!!  Well, maybe I read a magazine article or something.  Anyway, I got up-to-date on who she was.  It seems we are losing many of our childhood icons nowadays....time is definitely marching on!!  We ate lunch at McDonald's that day, my first visit to a McDonalds.  Hamburgers were 15 cents, fries were 10 cents, and sodas were 10 cents.....quite a deal!!  Well, anyway, just a memory from 50+ years ago....hope someone else remembers this event or other similar things that happened.  Be well everyone....John



06/02/19 08:44 AM #230    


Manuel Avila

My post this month is a little late but you probably did not notice or do not care. Had a thunderstorm here yesterday and the power was knocked out for several hours. Anyway, Happy BDay to Mary Ursua, Russ Ary and Dennis Yearton. John, I will wash down the meds with you on this celebration of life. Had I known Russ was in town last week or so I would have celebrated with him. John, thanks for all the memories you have shared with us. When you do it helps to knocks some of my old brain cells loose and remember also. Keep it up.  Manuel

06/06/19 12:40 PM #231    

John Davies

Manuel, as always, we all look forward to your birthday wishes and classmate updates and bits of wisdom each month!!  Being retired, I desperately await any communications from fellow humans.  The dog and cat are tired of me talking to them, and grandkids think of me as a dinosaur...they even ask if I saw some dinosaurs when I was a kid.  It is possible I suppose, but my memory is failing and I do not recall!  Remembering today as WWII D-Day and the great sacrifices and accomplishments made by a generation of amazing men and women, both in the actual war, and also the amazing people who stayed home in this country and made all possible sacrifices to achieve the ultimate victory that saved the entire world.  Our parents and grandparents were all participants and made it happen.  What an amazing TEAM they all were!!  I remember Manuel Casares and Robert Cote and the times I was able to run my finger over their names on the Vietnam Wall.  I am sure there are so many other individuals that are unknown to all of us, but BIG SALUTES to them all!  And big thanks to the class of '70 for being an the outstanding team and for being such great human beings.....John


06/07/19 09:34 AM #232    

Rick Davis

Very nice John and as always right on point.

06/30/19 09:20 AM #233    


Manuel Avila

John, very nice tribute to a generation of people who gave much to sustain a way of life and freedoms for which most now take for granted. Now it is time for the BDay salutations for the month. Happy BDay to fellow writer John Davies and old (as in time wise not age) neighbors Yolanda Vasquez (Gum) and Rick Davis. I see these names and a lot of memories briefly pop into mind. Actually, all the names I see when I open this site will bring back a memory or more. It makes me happy to remember and even more so that I CAN remember! You all take care. Manuel

07/04/19 07:06 PM #234    

John Davies

Manuel, thanks for the birthday remembrances as always.  You are like a human computer!!  I understand all the Tehachapi people felt a little "rumble" today from the earthquake out near Ridgecrest.  I hope everyone and everything is OK.  The rest of the world thinks California constantly rocks-and-rolls from earthquakes, but I honestly only remember maybe three all the time I lived there.  Hopefully they are done for another 50 years or so for all of our '70 classmates and friends and families.  It's hard to believe it has almost been a year since our last get-together...looking forward to next year.  Everyone please take care and let's slow down on these birthdays!!  I am so old that I still remember Jack Benny's 39th birthday.  Oh wait a minute, we are all still 39....well maybe for the 27th or 28th time!!!  But, well, anyway......take care all.....John


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