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08/02/19 12:21 PM #235    


Manuel Avila

John, time to rinse off the dust of your favorite drinking utensil. We have to celebrate the BDay of the legendary Larry Morphis! There are many stories to be told about the man. Most of them true! Some of them may surface this weekend at the Old Timer's Reunion. The class of 69 is having their 50th Reunion, man are they old of what, this same weekend. I have heard from Mike Douglas and Randy Redelsperger(?) will also be in town. I look forward to seeing those who attend the Old Timer's at the City Park. Hope all are doing well.  Manuel  By the way, do not believe anything Larry might say about me. It will just be the celebratory alcohol speaking!

08/08/19 07:13 AM #236    

John Davies

Manuel, thanks again for your reminders of our march toward oldness....we are not anywhere near it yet, but it will occur someday!!  Yes, my glass has become a little dusty which is bad news for someone such as me who has cenosilicaphobia (I've been waiting to use that word for a long time now!!!).  And yes, Larry is a long-time legend who continues to lead the pack of superstars in our lives.  Happy BD Larry...I still remember 5th grade in Mr. Johnston's about you??  Wish I could be there to see some of the oldtimers this weekend....hope you all have a great time!!!  I see that school is about ready to start again.....what grade are we in this year?  Oh yeah, 12th grade plus 50!!!!!  Man that's a big number!  I hope everyone continues to be happy and healthy!!!  Take care great class of '70......John


09/01/19 08:49 AM #237    


Manuel Avila

John, this month has quite a few BDays to celebrate. You can celebrate them one at a time or use a large single container. Happy BDay to Patricia McCain (Crawford), Paul Moore, Steve Helms, my neighbor Roger Longcrier, Tom Thompson, Carolyn Kirkendoll (Johnson), Glenda Killingsworth (Ursua), Ray Koehler and Bob Warner. I do not remember having so many BDays to celebrate last year but then I do not remember much of last week either! Hope all is going well with everyone.

09/03/19 12:16 PM #238    

John Davies

Manuel, I didn't realize there were so many birthdays from our '70 gang in August, and that they are all younger than me.  But why should I be surprized, because nowadays, almost EVERYONE is younger than me!!!  Yes, I will go slowly with the toasts, mostly because my body cannot tolerate too much "celebration" at one time any more.  Did anyone run into any of our old-time school mates at the Tehachapi downtown celebration last month?  Do they have any gray hair yet????  I can only imagine all the stories every one of them could tell us.  Being in Florida, I often miss the opportunity to be able to run into old friends from yesteryear....some of it seems so long ago now, but some of it seems like it happened yesterday.  Does anyone remember the old lumber sawmill out on Highline Road near where Curry Street intersects?  It was not too far from the junior high school we attended in 7th grade.  Recently I met a guy who not only knew where Tehachapi is, but also knew about the old sawmill where apparently he had an uncle or someone who worked there back in the 50's.  It is truly a small world sometimes!!  Well, enough of my prehistoric ramblings.  I'll go back to the "rocker" for another month or so.  Until then, everyone be well and happy....John


11/02/19 08:20 AM #239    


Manuel Avila

You probably did not notice there were no BDay greeting for Sept. or Oct. or you did notice and decided to be quiet about it. However, I am back from the mountains and ready to celebrate the BDay's of Sheila McTyre (Williams) and Susan Gilliland (Close). Lift them high John! About the saw mill. I was not here early enough for that but would have liked to have known its location. With the City being run by mostly new to towners, Tehachapi is rapidly changing to a small booming metropolis. We have our own super Walmart. You can see it from the freeway! Progress? I am too old for change even if I am a relative newcomer. My best to all. Manuel

11/04/19 06:35 AM #240    

John Davies

Manuel, it is good to see you are "back in town".  I assumed you were on your annual "mountain man" trek, but you were gone so long that I was thinking you had been attacked by a herd of rabid raccoons or something!!  Welcome back to the exciting world we have all been guarding while you were out in the boonies!  I see you brought the birthdays back up to date....I was becoming dehydrated!!  The Washington Nationals won the World Series, with neither team winning a home much for that "home field advantage" we always talked about back in our high school days, huh??!!  Now that I am retired, I was going through some old boxes and found a library book from THS.  I assume it is probably overdue to be checked back in.  I am afraid to notify anyone because I might owe, like, $72,000 in fines for not returning it!!  Should I just keep the book and not tell anyone??  Any suggestions from anyone would be appreciated.  Can anyone believe it is NOVEMBER already???  Another year almost in the books....hard to imagine where and how it goes so fast.  Hopefully everyone is happy and healthy and life is good.  Please take care and and someone drop a note here on the site when you can.....John


12/01/19 08:16 AM #241    


Manuel Avila

Time for the kind of monthly BDay greetings. We are celebrating the good health of Debbie White (Taylor) and Marvin Williams. I think Debbie has changed or deleted her email address so I hope she gets the messege. Marvin should be in good health from his surgery last year and giving everybody hell. Again! My advice to John about the library book is to personally turn it in to the NEW library and tell them he had a hard time locating them because they had moved three times since the last time he had been in. Might work! Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and you are all doing well. Manuel

12/09/19 06:31 AM #242    

John Davies

Manuel, you once again have nearly completed another year's worth of birthday greetings!!  Thanks for remembering all of us....sure wish we could hunt down everyone in the class!!  Christmas is almost here.  I still remember sitting in front of the fireplace watching snowflakes drifting down from the heavens when I was just a little kid, as I'm sure everyone else does too....seems like only yesterday, but then it seems like a million years ago.  Of course, we are still kids, just big ones now!!!  We are completing 50 years of leading this world into new and uncharted waters.....yes we might have messed up a thing or two along the way, but otherwise we have left some great big footprints for the next generations to follow....lots of good things to build on.  The Class of '70 has made its share of great contributions to this world......and there'll be a few more to follow.  Thanks to everyone for being such great people, and caring human beings.  I am proud to be a small part of this great team.  Merry Christmas to everyone and let's have a HAPPY and HEALTHY New Year in 2020.  You are all the best.....John


12/11/19 10:18 PM #243    

Marvin Williams

Thanks for the birthday shout out, we can always depend on Manuel and John to keep us on track with the birthdays. I have recovered nicely but I did try to drag the recovery out as long as I could to avoid any physical labor that Diana would try to force on me, it appears that the sympathy river ras run dry! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all you youngsters.

12/12/19 04:34 PM #244    

Frank Bachara

I miss you all. Just got back from Nashville for the wedding of our first grandchild. It was a special blessing getting to do the ceremoney for her but it does let you know that you are getting up in months.

Want to say I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year.

God Bless You Richly!

12/31/19 08:37 AM #245    


Manuel Avila

This is my last greeting for the old year and I will couple it with my greeting for the New Year.The last year has brought many changes into our lives. Frank B. celebrates the wedding of his grandchild. To add perspective, my 1st and probably only grandchld turned 10. Many others of you have celebrated the births of grandchildren and possible great grandchildren. Rick D, and Marvin W. havegotten settled into retirement and I hope all you others have also. I hope the New Year brings joy to you all. By the way, Happy BDay to Mary Herrera (Burns) and Dae Lantz. Many more to the both of you and for the rest of us.  Manuel

01/15/20 09:16 AM #246    

John Davies

Manuel, thanks for ushering in the New Year.  Can anyone believe it is 2020?  Best wishes to everyone for a happy and healthy year.  Hard to believe it has been 50 years!!!  Anyone up for another 50???!!!  Take care all...John

02/17/20 08:20 PM #247    

Debbie Munguia (Knowles)

Hello everyone!  Happy Belated New Year!  I hope all is well with all of you.  I just want to let you know  the reunion committee met last Thursday to discuss our 50th class reunion.  Time is flying by...seems like it was yesterday we were in the gym for our high school graduation. 

Once again, Roger and Debbie Longcrier offered to host our reunion.  They can throw a great party and  Debbie says she loves taking care of us old people.  Danny Yocum will bartend again making his famous strawberry margaritas.

The reunion will take place Saturday, August 1, 2020 beginning at 4:00 p.m., dinner at 5:30 p.m.  The cost is $25.00 per person.  As in the past, we will have a Meet and Greet Friday, July 31st at 6:00 p.m. at Don Perico's Mexican Restaurant.  We are not planning a breakfast on Sunday because the Old Timer's Reunion will be taking place at Philip Marx Central Park beginning at 10:00 a.m.  A few of us attended last year and it was like another class reunion.  Last year the class of '69 held their 50th reunion and quite a few of them attended the Old Timer's Reunion as well as people from classes before and after ours.  It was great seeing people we hadn't seen in years.

A flyer with information regarding the reunion will be mailed to everyone and it will also be posted on our website.  In the past, we have received numerous returned mailings.  If any of you are in contact with classmates who are not receiving reunion information, if possible, please get their address or email so we can update our mailing and email list.

Save the date and we hope to see you at the reunion!




03/01/20 08:33 AM #248    


Manuel Avila

It is time to send BDay greetings to the special people of February but first. Thanks to Debbie Munguia (Knowles) for getting out the info on the upcoming Reunion. 50 is usually a special number for all events and milestones in our lives. Making it to 50 years old then 60 were major milestones for most of us. We have many classmates who unfortunatly did not make either one and we should remember them by celebrating their lives also. Now where was I? Oh yeah, BDays. Happy BDay to Debbie Munguia (Knowles), Jim Wright, Peggy Melton (Selby) and Tom Booth. John, raise one or two or several with me for these youngsters and the rest of you classmates can as well. Our website informs me it has lost contact with Tom Booth, Sheila McTyre, Sally Warfield and Debbie White. If anyone has contact with any of them, let them know what is happening with the upcoming Reunion. Again, thanks to Debbie and Roger Longcrier, we all know Debbie does most of the work, for once again opening up their home, Especially since they live one street over!  Manuel

04/02/20 08:35 AM #249    


Manuel Avila

BDay greetings to DeAnna Gassaway (Brooks), Dave Edmiston, Shirley McCain (Nelson) and John Marin! With the virus lockdown, not sure how you BDay people were able to celebrate. The lockdown did not affect me much. Since retiring, I have not gone out much. I am not allowed to go shopping. Only allowed to go out and pick up my granddaughter from school. Since the schools have closed and will not reopen this year, I am now trying to teach Core Math to an 5th grader. Both of us are frustrated! You classmates who live in the hard hit  areas of the virus be very careful! Hate to remind you but your age alone puts you at risk. Stay safe. Manuel

04/06/20 06:07 AM #250    

John Davies

Manuel, thanks for the birthday updates.  Since all the restaurants are now closed, I am relegated to going to the nearest McDonalds drive-thru and ordering a large unsweetened ice tea which I then raise in a toast to honor all our great classmates who are celebrating another year on this planet.  My little “pea-brain” still struggles with the fact all of us “kids” are now in our upper 60’s.  I truly hope everyone is healthy and surviving this whole Coronavirus thing.  Who would’ve ever thought something like this would ever happen??  I hope we get through it soon....I can only paint the back door so many times before it won’t close any more!!!!  Well anyway, everyone please be healthy and safe and drop a line to some of us Old will give us some comfort knowing there are still humans living exciting times in this world!!  Take care....John

04/16/20 12:57 PM #251    

Debbie Munguia (Knowles)

Hello Everyone!  I hope you are all safe and healthy considering what's going on in this world.  Who would have thought that our new way of life is "Social Distancing."  Since the experts don't seem to know how long COVID-19 is going to last, it was a unanimous decision by the reunion committee to postpone our 50th reunion until next year.  Any thoughts or suggestions?  Hopefully, next year our lives will be somewhat back to normal and there will be plenty of toilet paper in the stores. 


Take care, be safe, and stay healthy!




05/02/20 09:35 AM #252    


Manuel Avila

It is time to celebrate the current BDays of our classmates. Celebrating with John and a glass of tea is a great way to do so. I have read on the internet alcohol consumption has increased because of the virus but I chose not to partake of this current fad. I hope this virus has not had any extreme undo hardships for any of you. The "lockdown" orders in CA did not affect me much because I did not go out much to begin with. However, it did affect Tracie because she now cannot leave the house to get away from me! Happy BDay to Susan Willard (Whitton/McPhee), Janette Sanders (Ashworth), Frank Bachara, Kathy Bermudez (Forcum) and Shirley MCain {Nelson). John, lift that tea glass high!

06/03/20 09:18 AM #253    


Manuel Avila

I am a tad late with the BDay wishes for last month. I was just "zoning" out at the computer and realized I had something to do. The Covid virus seems to winding down and I still hope it has not affected anyone. I have a friend in New York who thinks he had a mild case and he said it knocked him down mentally and physically for a long time. Anyway, I hope the month has been good for everyone. Happy BDay to Dennis Yearton, Mary Ursua,Russ Ary and Rick Davis. Manuel

06/13/20 01:47 PM #254    

John Davies

Manuel.....thanks as always for your monthly reminder of how old all the OTHERS are getting!!  I feel bad for THEM!  Well, anyway, I hope everyone is surviving all the COVID stuff and all the unrest we are witnessing around the country.  I am not smart enough to profess being able to understand all the different viewpoints, but hopefully, we all will see a better world after all the scenarios are played out.  I am happy to finally see a few sporting events going live again.  I am about burned out on 1973 World Series reruns and 1961 I Love Lucy shows.  I can only watch so much TV before I go crazy (which is a short trip even in the good times!).  I am sorry for the 50th reunion delay, but I think Debbie (and the committee) were right to point out we would be better off waiting until next year.  Just think, we will all have more stories we can tell....well, if we can remember them!!!  It is still hard to imagine it has been 50 years since we graduated HS.....time has gone way too fast!!  Thank you to everyone in the class of '70 for being good people and good friends to all of us.  Why am I thinking about Mr. Ganzfried and Miss Christianson and Mr. Jasper and Coach Carll and Mr. O'Donnell, and....and......and on and on?  Wow, they and ALL our other teachers and coaches left a footprint in our lives.  What great people!!!  Hats off to the entire gang of people who made our entire school experience one that would carry us through our lifetimes!!!  We have been so fortunate......take care everyone......John


06/14/20 08:33 AM #255    

DeAnna Gassaway (Brooks)

Thank you Rick and Manual for your heart felt posts sharing memories from the past and encouragement for today with the difficult times our country is facing!

I look forward to the reunion next year and hope everyone attends!

Yes, the teachers and coaches were so special. I remember Mr. Gamble always called me and others out of class if we didn't sign up for choir. I had the opportunity of playing a classical piano solo at a church I grew up in and played organ for as well as playing keyboards for a few special services at churches in Tehachapi... such a blessing that Mr. Gamble showed up. I use to sing duets with him at church... I was always too shy to sing solos.

I am back practicing piano/keyboards again! I use to play years ago in LA and Orange County with some extremely talented world class musicians... I had to make a real livinng... instead of pursuiing a music career I went back to school and became a graphic designer after my two sons graduated from high school.

Love all you special classmates with all my heart and pray God blesses all of you!!!


I'm available for  graphic design, etc. to help with the upcoming reunion!




06/30/20 07:53 AM #256    


Manuel Avila

Thank you John and DeAnna for the comments they submitted. The comments help others have some insight how we think and in DeAnna's case some of her life in "early" Tehachapi. Like John I hope the Covid is not drastically affecting you lives. I did get tired of watching the protests on the news but it gave a break from news about the Covid virus. Anyway, Happy BDay to John Davies who is now as old as us old people! Hope all are doing well. Manuel

07/31/20 08:25 AM #257    


Manuel Avila

I have only one known BDay to celebrate this month, Larry Morphis. I consider him one of my oldest friends, no pun intended. The reason being he and I were long distance running partners in 7th grade. Both of being at the back of the pack during a run in PE, we struck up a conversation and have continued to converse intermittently over the years. We even have kids the same age. I kind of digressed there. Larry might have different thoughts on this but who is going to listen to an old guy! Hope all are doing well. Manuel

08/19/20 06:41 AM #258    

John Davies

Manuel, thanks as always for the “youthful” reminders of this year and yesteryear!!  I also remember running laps around that dirt field in 7th grade.  I can still hear Mr. Dorrington’s raspy voice imploring us to “cut the chatter” and pick it up on the lap speed.  I remember the gym was actually the cafeteria that had to be converted back and forth during basketball season.  We were flexible in those days.....but nowadays the flexible-ness is gone....well I am speaking for my own body....I realize there are still many agile members of the ‘70 team who have not aged very much!!!  Digressing, I think that school is now an elementary school, right?  Ah, those were the days when we were there, huh?  Well, enough of my faded distant memories.  Maybe someone can chime in with some new old stories.  Until next time, everyone please stay healthy and safe from all this COVID garbage.  Take care....John

09/01/20 10:23 AM #259    


Manuel Avila

It is time to celebrate our classmates but first I would like to comment on John's comment about our first Jr High. Not only do I have good memories of Tompkins, so do my two children and granddaughter. They also attended classes there when it changed to an elementary school. John, I also remember the cafeteria. For basketball practice, we would have to run "forever" to get in shape to play on "normal" basketball courts. Getting back to business. Happy BDay to Patricia McCain (Crawford), Steve Helms, Roger Longcrier, Paul Moore, Tom Thompson, Carolyn Kirkendoll (Johnson), Glenda Killingsworth (Ursua), Ray Koehler and Bob Warner. Many more to you all! I appreciate the updates sent by Roger, thanks Debbie, and Carolyn.  Manuel

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