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06/01/17 01:47 PM #200    

Rick Davis

We need to move forward on plans to make this summer's medicare reunion reality. I have talked to several folks that feel the same. Timing can always be a challenge when so many are potentially involved, but would like to suggest we talk by forum, text or phone calls and sort it out and make a decision on timing and details. We can bring our own choice of beverage for ourselves and keep the food issue to a minimum, like simple snacks etc. Let'sort it out and get it done. For anyone who would like to chat, please call my cell 509 720 1405. I'll do what I can to help the cause.

Rick Davis

06/02/17 04:56 AM #201    

John Davies

Hopefully we can figure out a way to make a 65-year celebration possible sometime this summer, as Rick mentioned.  We can all compare medical prescriptions, and war stories about how good we were when we were in our prime......what am I talking about.....WE ARE IN OUR PRIME!!!!  Duhhh!!!!  The birthdays seem to be rolling in hot and heavy recently, so hopefully we can all get together and blow out a few candles.  Frank can give us some inspirational insights and Manuel can lead us in a "group toast"!!!  That would be awesome, not to mention seeing all the beautiful smiling faces from everyone in the class of '70.  If I can help in any way, please let me know.  Be well until we soon meet again!!!....John


06/02/17 02:13 PM #202    


Roger Longcrier

Just a note to tell everyone that I would like to host the medicare party this year at my place. Looking at the weekend of August 18-20.  Considering kicking off the weekend on Friday night at Don Pericos, Saturday my place, and Sunday breakfast together. The committee is scheduled to meet next week to discuss the details. Let's get the word out so folks can put this on their calendar. Look forward to hearing back from everyone.  -Roger




06/02/17 08:03 PM #203    

Frank Bachara

Would love to join in on one of the days, just post it when it's finalized and I'll try and make it. God Bless you all with this medicare adventure.

06/06/17 01:51 PM #204    

Carolyn Kirkendoll (Johnson)

Looking forward to seeing everyone in August hopefully.  It will be fun all over again.  Carol

06/16/17 02:13 PM #205    

Patricia McCain (Crawford)

As much as I would like to attend, I will not be able to make it to the reunion this year.  I still have a twelve year old at home and school starts August 14th.  Between my farm and a 12 yr old boy, I keep very busy and insane. 

You all have a wonderful time and keep me occasionally in your thoughts. 

07/01/17 09:30 AM #206    


Manuel Avila

Time again to wish a Happy BDay to Yolanda Vasquez (Gum) and my drinking partner John Davies. I have to admit I tipped a few before to prime myself for the toast!

Reading all the posts on the upcoming Medicare Party has been fun. I am glad to see the enthusiasm generated. I am sorry Patricia McCain (Crawford) and Peggy Melton (Selby) will be unable to attend as well as some others but we will be thinking of you. Our gatherings are always fun and we will have Debbie and Roger Longcrier to thank for providing the locale this time. Do not think I ever thanked Janette and Kent or Debbie and Dan for providing the locales for the past gatherings but I thank them now. I have come to think of our gatherings as a good time to spend time with "old" friends, reminisce about past events and celebrate life. Manuel

08/02/17 08:38 AM #207    


Manuel Avila

This is a late notification online to Larry Morphis for a Happy BDay! And an upcoming BDay for Patricia McCain (Crawford)! I actually had a drink with Larry at a Reunion Meeting but do to inadequate brain cell activity, in this case appropriately called GRAY matter, I forgot to toast him until reminded by Debbie Munguia (Knowles). Due to our senior status, we limited our toast to one drink. Patricia, I will raise a toast to you on the correct day and I hope it is a happy, joyous day.

The Reunion is fast approaching. We are contacting the services of a renowned local Chef to smoke the meat for this occasion but you will have to attend to see who it is. Hint: the Chef is from our class. The last Reunion we used the services of Chef Larry Morphis and he did a great job!

Enough babbling. See you at the Reunion and we will keep in our thoughts the people who cannot attend.

08/16/17 08:56 AM #208    


Manuel Avila

With the Medicare Reunion happening in a couple of days, I thought I would get some BDay celebrations in before then. These BDays have happened or are going to happen soon. Happy BDay and a toast to Paul Moore, Steve Helms, Tom Thompson, Carolyn Kirkendoll (Johnson), Yolanda Vasquez (Gum) and Roger Longcrier. Now, I kind of pulled a GRAY matter meltdown with Roger that I pulled with Larry Morphis. We had a Reunion Meeting and I was going to raise a toast with Roger at the meeting. I get there and we started talking and it slipped my mind! Maybe it was because we had been talking about Roger taking a "short" hike with his son, Nathan, around Lake Tahoe on the Tahoe Rim Trail. I think it is about 185 miles and they did it in around a weeks time. Congratulations to you both. I think the last time I walked 185 miles it was from about 2001 to 2016. Maybe! You all take care.


08/17/17 08:01 AM #209    

Peggy Melton (Selby)

Unfortunately, I won't make the Medicare Reunon.  We recently returned to North Carolina after spending time in California caring for family and enduring the loss of both my parents.  I've never missed a reunion, I really enjoy spending time with everyone and catching up, I'm sorry to miss it.  Have a wonderful time, toast the years past and years to come.  See you next time! 

08/17/17 08:22 PM #210    

Kathy Bermudez (Forcum)

Hi to the class of 70. See some of you this weekend and looking forward to it. Peggy, you will be missed. 

08/20/17 08:40 PM #211    

Marvin Williams

I want to thank everyone involved in the planning and execution of our Medicare party, with a special thank you to Roger and Debbie for hosting, it was obvious how much hard work y'all put into it. It was awesome to see everyone again, I can't remember ever having enjoyed a get together as much as I enjoyed this one. I would be remiss if I didn't recognize our chef and entertaining bartender, excellent job yoke! With alot of our class in one place it made me realize several things:

* We all still enjoy each other's company

* We all may have aged on the outside but inside we are still the same

* We can still party (just not as late as we used to!)

* We don't recover as fast as we used to as evidenced by the faces and the amount of coffee consumed at breakfast the next morning.

Again, thanks to all of you who worked hard so that we could enjoy our time together.

08/21/17 04:18 PM #212    

Debbie Munguia (Knowles)

Hello everyone!  I agree 100% with Marvin.  What a great party!!  Our bodies may have changed just a little, (I wish it was just a little),  we may not be quite as sharp as we once were, but we still have a big heart for each other.  I'm so glad everyone wants to get together again next year.  As long as we are physically able, I think we should do this every year.  Life is too short!

A big thank you to Roger and Debbie for hosting a great party.  A special thanks to Danny for the delicious meat he smoked and keeping our glasses full with his delicious margaritas and the great entertainment.  He's a great bartender!

I also want to thank John and Elaine for their generous contribution towards the website.  We all enjoy reading Manuel and John's messages.  The website is a great tool for us to keep in touch throughout the year and letting everyone know what's going on in our lives.

I put a little information regarding the party next year on the Home Page.  I called the party our "Just Because We Want To" party.  I couldn't think of any other reason to have a party except Just Because.  Your thoughts and/or suggestions?

Also, I created a link to post pictures of the Medicare party so if any of you took pictures with your phone, please download them onto the website. 

Take care everyone, stay healthy and keep in touch! 



08/25/17 01:33 PM #213    

John Davies

Marvin and Debbie, you said it all in your comments about the reunion.  It truly was a fantastic get-together.  Again, many thanks to Roger and Debbie for being gracious hosts......everything was perfect!  And thanks to the reunion committee for getting everything arranged.  And thanks to Danny for cooking and bartending and providing entertainment as needed.  And thanks to everyone who was able to attend.  It was a memorable event that brought back a lot of "good old day" feelings from the past, and also "good new day" feelings from right now in our lives.  What an awesome group, including those who were not able to make it, and those who have departed this world over the years (with tears in my eyes!).  I am humbled to be amidst so many truly outstanding people.

Debbie's "just because" party next year sounds like a great idea.  I vote "YES".  It will give everyone an opportunity to update the rest of us on the latest adventures in their stuff!!  Everyone please take care, be healthy and happy, and let's all get together again soon......John


09/05/17 08:59 AM #214    


Manuel Avila

Happy BDay wishes to Bob Warner, Glenda Killingsworth (Ursua), and Ray Koehler. a toast to you all, which was also done at the Reunion!

I enjoyed reading the comments by Marvin Williams, Debbie Munguia (Knowles) and my drinking buddy John Davies. I of course agree with all they said about the Reunion and Debbie and Roger. Kudos to all! I also noted Marvin and Debbie were some of the people who said they could not write well enough to post comments in the web site. I thought their posts were excellent! We read these posts to keep up on Classmates, period. They are not an exercise in grammar, punctuation, spelling, I use spell check by the way. Tell Classmates about you. Enough said.

I was eager to see Robert Melton this Reunion when I found out he said he was attending. He did not make it for whatever reason. Robert, if you get this, Let us know what is going on with your Life. Enough for now.  Manuel

11/01/17 08:55 AM #215    


Manuel Avila

You have not heard from me recently, some of you may not want to hear from me at all, but I have been out of town in the mountains. I go up into the mountains above Kernville for a month to camp and cut wood. Some guys hunt but Bambi has been safe for several years from them. Camping was great and wood cutting was keep to a minimum.

Now my reason to contact you is to wish Happy Bday to Sheila McTyre (Williams), a late one, and Susan Gilliland (Close), whose is coming up. Sheila, I hope you had a great celebration and Susan I hope you have a great celebration. Cheers! Hope all the rest of you youngsters are doing well too.


11/02/17 06:37 AM #216    

John Davies

Manuel, it is good to have you back here in civilization wuth the rest of us city-slickers!!  I would imagine the nights are starting to get a little chilly up around Kernville.  I still remember in 5th grade, Larry Morphis and I (along with some others I have forgotten) took a field trip up into the Kernville mountain area with our 5th grade teacher, Mr. Johnston.  We hiked up to a cavern that had stalagmites and stalactites and everything.  I think it was called Crystal Cave, but I am not sure.  It was a neat experience.  Larry probably remembers all the rest of the gang that went with us (his brain cells are more intact than mine!!). 

Thanks for the birthday wishes.....several toasts are obviously in order, and I will comply with that rule!  I am still thinking of the reunion this summer and how enjoyable it was to see everyone.  Roger and Debbie did a magnificent job, along with the reunion committee.  I think I "accidentally" drank a couple of the Mic-Ultras Marvin brought.....thanks Marv for thinking of my proclivity (where did that word come from??) for dehydration and for providing the necessary ingredients to solve the problem!!  It was truly great to see everyone and dig up a few old memories.....wish more could have made it.....maybe next time.

Hope all is well with everyone....someone drop a line or two sometimes to keep us old folk entertained....John


11/05/17 08:16 AM #217    


Manuel Avila

John, after I wished everyone a Happy BDay, I forgot to ask how you and your family fared with all the hurricanes that pummeled Florida. I waited a few weeks to ask because of the power losses. Then I went to the mountains and the CRS syndrome kicked in and I forgot altogether. I see you have power. How did all the rest of you Easterners and Southerners do with the hurricanes? Hope everyone is well.  Manuel

11/06/17 09:54 AM #218    

John Davies

Manuel......We are about 50 miles inland here, and hurricanes tend to slack off by the time they get to where we live between Tampa and Orlando, so we rarely see the hurricane force winds that happen on the Caribbean islands or the Gulf Coast around Louisianna and East Texas.  Hurricane Irma blew through here at about 100 mph.  It did not do any damage to our house, but did break off a lot of tree branches, mostly oaks (surprisingly, Florida has zillions of oak trees).  There are plenty of roofs and metal sheds and mobile homes that were damaged quite a bit, and lots of trees that blew over, many landing on houses or parked cars.  We lost electricity for about 18 hours....not too bad.  But several outlying areas lost power for up to 7 days.  We had some people come over to our house to spend the night and take a hot shower.  It's amazing how much we take for granted.....basic stuff.....lights, hot showers, microwaves, refrigerators, ice, TV's and cable, air conditioning, running water, etc., etc.....until we don't have them, and then we are reminded of how fortunate we are compared to so many people in so many areas around the world, who endure these conditions every day of their lives.  Wow, a little depressing to think about!

If anyone is ever in this part of Florida, please let me know.  We will give you a guided tour of anywhere you would like to go....and you are welcome to stay at our house.  Until then, please don't let Santa Claus show up and take all your money at Christmas, like he does at our house (well my wife says that anyway!!)  Take care everyone.  Happy holiday season and looking forward to 2018 (I think!!)....double sixes headed our way!....John



11/07/17 08:25 PM #219    

Marvin Williams

Manuel, it's good to hear that you survived another mountain adventure and it's really good to hear that John fared well during the hurricane. I did a lot of storm prep in case it decided to head more West, better to be ready than caught off guard, on the bright side my generator is fully serviced and I have 30 gallons of treated gasoline.

Happy belated birthday to all that have hit the big 65! I have hoisted a big glass of milk in celebration.


11/30/17 08:31 AM #220    


Manuel Avila

Well, it is the end of the month and time to celebrate the BDay's of Debbie White (Taylor) and my old neighbor Marvin Williams. After Marvin's last post, I will have to include milk in my libations. I like milk. So far I am not lactose intolerant.

Hope Thanksgiving was a good time for everyone. Used to be it was the break point before the onslaught of Christmas selling began. Now, advertising begins well before Thanksgiving. I do believe in helping the less fortunate but just buying for the sake of buying does not sit well with me. I am done being the Grinch and I hope Christmas brings Joy to all of you.

12/20/17 06:31 AM #221    

John Davies

My gosh, is it possible another year has passed by??  I have noticed a lot of people are starting to show their years with wrinkles and stuff......I mean, not from the class of 70 of course, but a lot of the others!!!!  I hope Santa Claus hasn't drained everyone's bank account.....he does that, you know!!!  It's hard to believe it has been four months since I drank a bunch of Marvin's beer the reunion.  I want to say THANKS to everyone who was/is in our class.  It is fun to hear everyone's adventures over the years.  Merry Christmas to everyone and hoping for a very Happy and HEALTHY New Year in 2018.  How can it possibly be 2018????  Take care and drop a line to all of us occasionally.....John


12/20/17 12:04 PM #222    

Kathy Bermudez (Forcum)

Hi my friends of the past, present and my future. Wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hope to see everyone August 2018 for our "Just because Party". Love you all and hope everyone is doing well.

12/31/17 10:32 AM #223    


Manuel Avila

This is my end of year statement to the Class of 70. Some of you might wish it was my last statement ever but no such luck. Happy BDay to Mary Herrera (Burns) and a late wish to Dae Lantz. He was in town and I actually talked to him but did not remember about his BDay until the reality brain cells caught up with the virtual brain cells. And those times can be relative. ANYWAY, Hope you both had good days of celebration and I and John can now celebrate too.

The New Year is here. I hope the best for all of you and your Families.  Manuel

01/01/18 06:42 AM #224    

John Davies

Manuel.....we all love your input and "End of Year" assessment.....keep 'em coming!!!!  Now that the new year has arrived, I keep thinking about when we were still in high school we had the phrase "70 Rules"....still has a nice ring to it!!!!  Now it's 2018, and I am thinking that "18 Rules" just doesn't have the same ring to it....whaddaya think??  Actually "18 rules" sounds more like a list of stuff my wife created to keep me in line!!  Anyway, I wish a Happy New Year to everyone and thanks for being the great people you are!  I still get a smile on my face when I think back on all the things we all did during our school days.....all in good fun, of course!!  Take care all, and have a great 2018!!!....John


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